Make Your Vehicle Shine Like New

Make Your Vehicle Shine Like New

Take advantage of our paint correction services in San Diego, CA

Over time, your sporty vehicle may lose its pristine appearance due to water spots, oxidation, paint overspray, scratches and bird droppings. Luckily, the car paint correction pro at Shine Rite Mobile Detailing can restore your vehicle's shine. By scheduling paint correction services in San Diego, CA, you can remove blemishes from the surface level of your paint job efficiently.

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Restoring the shine to everything from muscle cars to RVs

When you schedule paint correction services, what can you expect us to do? We'll follow this paint correction process:

  1. Wash the vehicle - clean your car thoroughly to remove dirt, insects and debris
  2. Decontaminate the surface - use clay bar and iron remover treatments to get rid of lingering contaminants
  3. Polish the paint surface - remove defects as long as the clear coat is still intact
Trust us to work on your vehicle's paint only if it's safe to do so. Call 619-727-1116 now to schedule a car paint correction appointment.