Protect Your Vehicle's Clear Coat

Protect Your Vehicle's Clear Coat

Get a ceramic coating for your car in San Diego, CA

Before a ceramic coating is applied to your car, the surface needs to be washed and polished to a perfect shine. Then we'll use overlapping passes to apply a silicon dioxide liquid compound to the surface. The crew at Shine Rite Mobile Detailing is skilled at applying ceramic coatings for cars in San Diego, CA.

To achieve a durable, heat-resistant coat, we'll apply an even layer of coating and give it 24 hours to cure.

Keep your vehicle's glossy finish looking good. For more information about our ceramic coatings for cars, call us at 619-727-1116 now.

Why bother putting a ceramic coat on your vehicle?

There are many benefits of getting a ceramic coating on your car. For example, once it's fully cured, this coating will protect your vehicle from:

  • UV rays
  • Acid rain
  • Road grime
  • Iron particles
  • Bird droppings
  • Chemical stains
  • Weathering
It will also make your paint more resistant.

Now that you know a little more about the benefits of ceramic coatings, set up an appointment by calling us today.